Cataclysm Prot Warrior - Heroics Best in Slot - Patch 4.2 - PVE Gear

This page has been updated for patch 4.2 Firelands

This list is designed as a guide to the best in slot ilvl 353 + Crafted gear for a 2/7/32 specced prot warrior in Cataclysm, all suitable items purchased with Justice points, obtained from heroic 5 mans or gained through the Molten Front questline and dailies with an ilvl of 353 or higher have been included.

This gear set aims to get you as close to the hitcap as possible. Stat priority for this setup balanced with survival stat weights (Stamima > Mastery > Parry > Dodge) and threat stat weights (Expertise > Hit > Strength > Crit).

Spiritshield Mask
Zul'Aman (Heroic)
Dodge rating: 201
Parry rating: 159
Reforge 80 Dodge -> Mastery
Fireheart Necklace
Zen'Vorka - 88g 76s 95c
Molten Front
Expertise rating: 136
Mastery rating: 131
Reforge 54 Expertise -> Parry
Pauldrons of Sacrifice
Hex Lord Malacrass
Zul'Aman (Heroic)
Parry rating: 162
Mastery rating: 136
Mantle of Patience
Elemental Bonds: The Vow
Quest Reward
Dodge rating: 134
Mastery rating: 134
Reforge 53 Dodge -> Parry
Earthen Chestguard
Justice Quartermaster - 2,200
Parry rating: 168
Mastery rating: 208
Ricket's Gun Show
Damek Bloodbeard
Molten Front
Parry rating: 147
Mastery rating: 111
Earthen Handguards
Justice Quartermaster - 1,650
Parry rating: 149
Mastery rating: 149
Hardened Elementium Girdle
Crafted - BOE
Blacksmithing (510)
Dodge rating: 169
Mastery rating: 149
Earthen Legguards
Justice Quartermaster - 2,200
Dodge rating: 188
Parry rating: 228
Reforge 75 Dodge -> Mastery
Pyrelord Greaves
Molten Front
Dodge rating: 147
Parry rating: 182
Reforge 58 Dodge > Mastery
Lylagar Horn Ring
Valaran Highbough
Molten Front
Parry rating: 124
Mastery rating: 140
Ring of the Battle Anthem
Justice Quartermaster - 1,250
Dodge rating: 127
Mastery rating: 127
Reforge 50 Dodge > Parry
Throngus's Finger
Forgemaster Throngus
Grim Batol (Heroic)
Equip: +285 Parry
Equip: 1710 Dodge/12sec
Porcelain Crab
Mindbender Ghur'sha
Throne of the Tides (Heroic)
Equip: +285 Dodge
Equip: 1710 Mastery/20sec
Reforge 114 Dodge -> Mastery
Unbreakable Guardian
Crafted - BOE
Blacksmithing (525)
Parry rating: 103
Mastery rating: 103
Shield of the Blood God
Jin'do the Godbreaker
Zul'Gurub (Heroic)
Dodge rating: 122
Mastery rating: 117
Gurubashi Destroyer
Zul'Gurub (Heroic)
Dodge rating: 72
Mastery rating: 61
Meta:1 x Austere Shadowspirit Diamond
Blue:4 x Solid Chimera's Eye
Red:1 x Flashing Inferno Ruby
Yellow:2 x Fractured Amberjewel
Green:1 x Puissant Dream Emerald

This gear setup, enchants and gems has been optimized with Rawr for balanced threat > survivability, reforge to Mastery instead for a survival focused setup.